Application of magnetic stimulator

The technology used in SIS (Magnetic Stimulator Application) relies on a high-intensity electromagnetic field, which positively affects human tissue. With the application of a magnetic stimulator, pain relief, fracture healing, muscle relaxation, muscle stimulation – strengthening and joint mobilization are achieved.

Application of magnetic stimulator

Application of magnetic stimulator

The application of the magnetic stimulator is a service done easily, painlessly and with excellent results even over clothes, without physical contact. It causes involuntary muscle contractions and stimulation of body tissues even from a distance.

The magnetic stimulator produces strong pulses of short duration, with the frequency chosen by the patient, thus causing contractions of the muscle fiber, stimulation of the nervous tissue and cell regeneration. The method is safe and can be applied for a long time.

Diseases for the Application of Magnetic Stimulator

By applying the magnetic stimulator we can fight the following ailments.

Treatment Benefits

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