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Below you can see just some of our services. Our philosophy is to get the patient to the highest level of recovery.

Stylianos Mauridis –

Graduated from the Department of Physiotherapy

Stylianos Mavridis was born in Kavala in 1993. He is a graduate of the Physiotherapy Department of the Higher Technological Educational Institution of Central Greece and a member of the Panhellenic Association of Physiotherapists. He has attended a wide cycle of physical therapy seminars, most notably the seminars for adult patients with neurological damage under the auspices of the International Association of Bobath Method Teachers (I.B.I.T.A.), the seminars for treating kyphosis and scoliosis as well as the seminars on the functional assessment of the lower extremities and the shaping of the soles.

He has worked as a physiotherapist at the LYDIA rehabilitation center of the EUROMEDICA group in Amygdaleonas, Kavala until 2021, while since 2022 he has been maintaining his own physiotherapy center (Physiotree) on 4 Voulgaroktonou Street in Kavala, which is equipped with the most modern means.

Physiotherapy for Stylianos Mavridis is the way through which he contributes to the elimination of patients’ pain and dysfunction, offering them relief and a quick return to everyday life without limitations and problems.

Stylianos Mavridis’ experience, know-how, excellent scientific training and continuous training guarantee the high quality of services provided to patients.

Physiotherapist Kavala

Frequently asked questions about physiotherapy

Who is physical therapy for?

Physiotherapy is addressed, regardless of age, to everyone who faces pain, movement or functional problems, which may have been caused by factors such as: injuries, various diseases, poor posture, age, environmental factors, etc.

Is “physical therapy” different from “physical therapy”?

The answer, of course, is that the meaning of the words “Physiotherapy” and “Physiotherapy” are identical, simply the word “Physiotherapy” is used for the sake of brevity and derived from the English physiotherapy. Physiotherapy, as can be seen from the word itself (natural + treatment), is the name given to the science that helps to treat and restore problems, with natural means.

Each case is unique and is treated as such. After an extensive check and evaluation, the physical therapist determines the cause of the problem. Based on these conclusions, he decides on the appropriate individualized treatment regimen, the duration of which as well as the number of required sessions may vary.

How can physical therapy help with my problem?

The correct diagnosis by the doctor and the correct assessment by the physical therapist are the most basic elements for the best treatment. Physiotherapy will speed up tissue healing processes so the patient can return to their daily activities faster. The correct treatment will also reduce the possibility of recurrence of the pathology.

When should I see a physical therapist?

People often wonder when they should see a physical therapist. There are many situations for which a visit to a physical therapist is beneficial but also necessary.

Situations such as:

  • in case of injury,
  • if the musculoskeletal pain persists for days (usually more than three),
  • if you feel numb,
  • when motor functions have been disturbed,
  • when the posture of the body has changed,
  • before and after surgery,
  • at the beginning of the immobilization (e.g. cast) and after its end,
  • if you need advice on improving strength, flexibility, balance and fitness and
  • if you want to improve your sports performance

They said about us!

Read just some of the comments from clients of our physical therapy clinic!

  • Giannis Τ.

    Wonderful environment, modern treatment methods, excellent therapists! Whatever I say is little!

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  • Maria S.

    Unique!!! I feel full confidence in their hands!!!!

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  • Dimitris B.

    Excellent at their job. With their smile and knowledge they made me feel comfortable from the very first appointment!! I have full confidence in the staff and ask their advice in everything that happens to me.

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  • Odysseus X.

    Professionalism, modern methods, proper training, respect and willingness are just a few of the words that characterize the work of PHYSIOTHERAPY TREE and the character of therapist Stylianos Mavridis!

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