Physiotherapy assessment

Physiotherapy evaluation is the A & Z for the immediate rehabilitation of the patient. It is the service in which the Physiotherapist collects all the necessary information of the patient. He records all the patient’s symptoms, classifies and processes the findings, in order to arrive at the appropriate means and techniques to be used during physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy assessment

Physiotherapy assessment

Physiotherapy evaluation is necessary before every treatment start, but also during it to evaluate the treatment and see its effectiveness.

The physical therapy evaluation is done through the physical therapist’s interview with the patient. Through conversation, the physical therapist collects information about your problem, your daily life, and the goals you want to achieve. For this reason, it is recommended that the patient bring with him all the corresponding tests that have been done, the doctors’ opinions and anything else that may be useful for the physiotherapist to better understand your problem.

Then the physical therapist, analyzing all of the above, comes up with his own diagnosis for the appropriate techniques to use based on your problem. In order to achieve the best result, some general and special test methods may be used to focus exactly on the cause of the problem.

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