Application of Tecar treatment

It is a new non-invasive treatment, which accelerates the normal processes of cell metabolism, transferring biocompatible energy without radiation and in this way causes immediate pain relief as well as an immediate reduction of swelling from the 1st session.

Application of Tecar treatment

Application of Tecar treatment

The energy used during Tecar therapy (Tecar Therapy) could also be characterized as “an organic accelerator of physiology”. It is essentially a high frequency current, which can range between 300 kHz and 1 MHz. This energy accelerates the “natural regeneration” of the biological tissues, thus offering a faster healing of the tissues, a reduction of pain and a short return of the patient to everyday life. It is a completely non-invasive and 100% natural energy for the human body, due to its low intensity, while it allows us to deal with many pathological problems in the field of physical therapy, sports, and aesthetics.

Through this energy, a flow of Na and K ions with extremely fast electrical oscillations is caused in the cellular environment. These oscillations then lead to an increase in the permeability of the cell membrane, which makes ion exchange more favorable and, by extension, faster tissue healing.

Tecar treatment can be applied to many ailments, constantly gaining ground in the field of rehabilitation. One of the main reasons is the endogenous heat produced by the body itself in reaction to the operation of the device.

Unlike other physical therapy machines, Tecar Therapy can be used both during the acute and chronic phase of a pathology. The effectiveness of the method makes it unique, since the patient immediately perceives the benefits of the treatment, while the reduction of the patient’s pain and the increase in the range of motion, from the very first session, is remarkable.

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