Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic gymnastics aims to improve motor dysfunction, musculoskeletal mobility

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise is a key element of any successful physical therapy approach program. Its importance is so great that when a physical therapy regimen does not include exercise, it is at least considered incomplete. It is that part of the treatment that is individualized to each patient and to the stage of their pathology. And it is what will lead him to become functional again so that he can enjoy his daily activities, work and social.

The types of therapeutic exercise vary according to the possibilities, the pathology, the stage and the goals determined by the patient together with the physical therapist.

With this logic, we can recognize under the term “Therapeutic Exercise” a multitude of exercises and methods such as Clinical Pilates, forms of Yoga, exercises with resistances and recently the exercises through an interactive electronic simulation platform have also been introduced.

Consequently, the term “therapeutic” refers mainly to the design and selection of each type of exercise based on the requirements of the needs and the special characteristics of a specific person and the stage of his pathology.

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