The technology is based on a high-power electromagnetic field, which positively affects human tissue.

Therapeutic effects include pain reduction, fracture healing, muscle relaxation, muscle stimulation and joint mobilization.

• Frequency up to 150 Hz
• Voltage up to 2.5 Tesla
• Patented coil technology
• Pulse quality monitoring
• Dynamic operation with color touch screen
• FAST protocols
• Body parts navigation
• Database
• Ready-made protocols and therapeutic encyclopedia
• Multi-joint 6-joint arm
• Trolley


The wide range of frequencies ensures that the BTL Super Inductive System is suitable for all stages of painful conditions. Their management is based on three different theories of pain control. Each of them varies in frequency spectrum. Therefore SIS treatment leads to immediate relief in all stages of disorders, whether chronic or acute.

Graphs show pain reduction after 5 to 10 treatments with the BTL Super Inductive System. The results on the visual analog scale. show that 87% of patients experienced a reduction in pain.


Joint mobilization is achieved through the repetitive contractions of the muscles surrounding the joint capsule. This repeated contraction replaces the manual mobilization of the joint which leads to restoration of movement.


The high-intensity electromagnetic field improves blood circulation in the affected area and supports the creation of blood vessels and pore. It therefore helps in the progressive creation of cartilage and the reconstruction of bones.


Interaction of the electromagnetic field within the neuromuscular tissue, leads to depolarization of nerves and muscle contractions. Based on the selected stimulation frequency, muscle facilitation or strengthening can be achieved.


The reduction of increased muscle tone is achieved by influencing the control of muscle tone at the spinal level. This mechanism is indicated for the treatment of diseases of the central nervous system, such as spasticity.


The BTL Super Inductive System features unique high-tech solutions. The intelligent design of the coil on the applicator allows smooth treatment, even under the most demanding conditions, which are frequencies up to 150 Hz and intensity up to 2.5 T. Also unique is the cooling system of the coil, which allows prolonged use of the device for several treatments even when operating at maximum values increasing its load.

The coil and multi-split arm are tuned down to the last detail. For easy and precise adjustment of the different types of treatment, the coil is equipped with a comfortable handle integrated into the device through the multi-split arm, which allows the coil to be adjusted in any position.

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