Muscle relaxing massage

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Sports massage

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Therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic gymnastics aims to improve motor dysfunction, musculoskeletal mobility Therapeutic exercise Therapeutic exercise is aRead More

Application of Tecar treatment

It is a new non-invasive treatment, which accelerates the normal processes of cell metabolism, transferringRead More

Laser application

It is a non-invasive therapeutic device, which emits energy in the infrared spectrum, stimulating theRead More

Application of magnetic stimulator

The technology used in SIS (Magnetic Stimulator Application) relies on a high-intensity electromagnetic field, whichRead More

Physiotherapy assessment

Physiotherapy evaluation is the A & Z for the immediate rehabilitation of the patient. ItRead More


During the first visit in order to provide the appropriate services physiotherapy to the patient, the patient’s history is taken, who at the same time presents the medical opinions he has in order for his case to be evaluated by the physical therapist. This is followed by the design of the rehabilitation plan based on respect for the uniqueness of the patient. Next, physical therapy services are provided according to the plan, while before its completion instructions are given to the patient to avoid recurrence of the problem and a smoother and more functional reintegration into everyday life.


At physiotherapytree we treat each of our patients individually with absolute professionalism.


All of our patient information and data are confidential and kept with the utmost security.

Physiotherapy services in Kavala


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